Healthy LifeStyle Change

Hi. My name is Alanna and I am staring this blog to help myself and others on our way to getting that HEALTHY bodies we want and work our asses off for! If you are trying to lose weight in an unhealthy weight there are people out there to help get you to a great place and a great body, the right way. Feel free to contact me ANYONE. If you have advice I would love to hear it, if you just want to make a weight loss buddy I would love to have one as well! My starting weight is 195 and my goal is to lose 60 to 70 pounds of fat and be able to run and keep up. I am 21 years old and work and go to school full time for both and am hoping to transfer to a 4 year University. I am extremely driven but weight loss has been the one area I have fallen short. Please follow me and help me become accountable to someone for my progress towards health.